Coulter & Cooney Concert CHICAGO

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Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day weekend with an Irish legend in music, Phil Coulter, his talented wife Geraldine, and Irish America's favorite son, Andy Cooney live in concert in the Irish American Heritage Center's auditorium.
Saturdays show starts at 8pm. Come and enjoy the Fifth Province Pub and it's new selection of food before the show, and if you're up for it, stay and enjoy a pint or two with your friends.
Sunday is a matinee. You can dine in the Fifth Province at the Center before or after the show.
The bar and foodservice will be ready and waiting for you.
March 19 - 2pm
Plenty of free parking in both lots.

      $$$    Please Note when ordering seats: When you get to the screen to pay, you have a choice to pay with PayPal, or with your credit card. If you want to pay with your credit card DO NOT click on the credit card icon, click on the white box that says Pay By Credit Card.    If you need help, or have any questions, please call Cathy at 847-872-0700

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